Ich bin im September 2019 beruflich nach Koblenz gezogen und das Team von bizorganization hat mich betreut.
Von Wohnungssuche über die Formalitäten bei der Stadt bis zum Ummelden des Autos, alles wurde mir von Frau Wambach und ihrem Team abgenommen. Selbst bei vorherigen Auslandseinsätzen bin ich selten so gut betreut worden.
Durch diese Unterstützung war mein Wechsel stressfrei und problemlos. Die Kompetenz und die positive Stimmung die das Team verbreitet, haben sehr dazu beigetragen in der neuen Stadt und in dem neuen Job anzukommen.
Ich kann mich bei dem Team nur bedanken und empfehle es sehr gern weiter.


Kristina (2019), Projektmanagement Automobilindustrie

"So Easy! My relocation from India to Koblenz, Germany was really made easy with a great support from bizorganization Wambach GmbH!

Right from the scratch it was a seamless support! Kudos to Judith & team for their excellent service."

- Babu (2019), Software Test Architect

"Judith and her associates are the best in business and incredibly professional in handling any kind of relocation service.

She is very well versed with all the legal requirements and is prepared much in advance with the relevant documents needed. I really never imagined to have such seamless transition. There was no running around and all the major registration and documentation was handled within 2 hours which is like a dream to have in Germany.

She is a lovely lady and very friendly. She listens to you with patience, understands all your needs and provide you the best solution possible.
Being in this business for so long shows with her style of working, her timely approach and pre-preparedness in handling problems that might arise.

It was a pleasure to get your help and I wish you all the very best for your future. We would be in touch (professionally as well as personally)."

- Piyush (2019), Requirements Engineer

"My contact with Judith began months before my assignment started. She was most helpful, giving me insight on what to expect once I arrived in Koblenz, letting me know what her office would help with and everything that I needed to gather and prepare prior to arriving.

Judith went out of her way to help me and my wife at every step of the process. The time she spent with us during our house hunting trip was extremely valuable and important. She quickly developed a very good sense of what we were looking for, where we would feel most comfortable living and had a good sense of when and where to offer her opinions on strengths/weaknesses of each option.

What was most important to me was the rapport that Judith developed with my wife, quickly becoming someone that she could trust and who's opinion she valued. Judith's energy and enthusiasm helped carry us through a stressful process.

Judith is a true professional. She knows how to get things done, how to work effectively with her clients and the many service providers she interfaces with. Even now, months after we have settled into our new residence and have all our paperwork completed, she continues to provide support and consultation. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with Judith on our relocation."

- Henry (2019), Senior Vice President - Automotive Industry

"As a newcomer to a foreign country, no doubt the same as others, I had a lot of concerns about immigration, insurance, flat and everything, meanwhile with mixed feelings of fear and apprehension of the unknown.

However every time I talked with Judith, my concern was eased and my confidence was increasing. She is not only very open minded and easy to communicate with but also very experienced and everything is perfectly organized.

If I need to repeat the process (hopefully not), I would like to do it once again with Judith! What’s more, she is a very classic and fashionable lady!."

- Trinity (2019), Commodity Manager - Bearings

"Judith and her team have provided the relocation service for my family during our relocation to Koblenz from the UK. Her service has made the arrival process very straightforward and all formalities were handled in a very efficient manner.

The clear benefits of her service were: the pre-selection of houses/apartments to visit based on our criteria given in advance on the phone and by email, the handling of German formalities, the setup of utility contracts, healthcare and insurance with minimal input from us. She also gave us access to a selection of very useful providers to support our arrival (official translator, insurance broker, ...).

We very highly recommend her services to non-German speakers at it really saves a lot of time and potentially helps avoiding a few mistakes in the process."

 - Matthieu (2019), Automotive Expert

"Moving to a new country is not an easy and comfortable situation for sure, but in my transference process from Brazil to Germany I really can say that I had a great experience being supported by Judith and her team. I had a good start in Germany and really thank Judith because she is the most responsible for that.

Since our first contact, I recognized in her strong skills such as supportive, professional, honesty and friendship too. She and her team are always prompt with answers to all possible questions which came up in this period and looked for the best solutions for me.

I really thank for all the support received and I’m looking forward to new processes with her because it won’t be different! All the best for Judith and her team, you are amazing!"

 - Fernanda (2019), Global Quality & Environmental Management System Coordinator

"Umzug ist, wenn du dich auf den Weg machst, um anderswo ein Zuhause zu finden -
Auf diesem Weg von Frau Wambach und ihrem Team mit viel Kompetenz und Empathie begleitet zu werden, hat es leicht gemacht, in Koblenz anzukommen.

Herzlichen Dank für die tolle Unterstützung!"

 - Annette (2019), Controllerin

"My move to Koblenz was very smooth thanks to Judith and her team. They have been very considerate and patient with me and all my questions! I would like to especially thank the people in the back office too for facilitating all the necessary details and support to realize an easy transition.

Special thanks to Susanne Jung for being the happy self she is."

 - Vanchinathan (2018), Software Integrator

"Ein berufliche Neuorientierung verbunden mit einem Umzug ist nicht alltägliches für mich. Ganz besonderen Dank für die tolle Begleitung und Unterstützung bei der Wohnungssuche. Meinen Vorstellungen und Wünschen entsprechend wurden passende Objekte ausgewählt. Besonders toll fand ich, dass die Behördengänge nicht zum „Schreckgespenst“ wurden, sondern professionell geplant und sehr nett begleitet waren. 

Ein Service mit Herz und Persönlichkeit. Vielen Dank!"

 - Claudia (2018), Leitung Qualitäts- und Risikomanagement

"Der Umzug nach Koblenz verlief durch die Hilfe von Judith Problemlos. Sie kümmert sich einfach um alle Belange das sich das „angekommen“ Gefühl einstellt. Mir hat vor allem die Herzlichkeit und Professionalität gefallen wie sie ihren Job macht. 

Ich kann nur jedem die Betreuung durch Judith und ihr Team ans Herz legen."

 - Sven (2018), Software Engineer

"I was very lucky to have support from with Judith during my relocation to Koblenz. It would have been a nightmare without her help. With a smile on her face, she supported our family with all the administrative work related to visa, registration and opening a bank account. She was good in suggesting places to stay and great support in finding a house. Judith has a great team to support relocation and they are very cooperative. Whenever I contacted them, they always replied fast with great advice.

Judith and her team are very much committed to their assignments and provide best quality of services. With their support my relocation was stress free. A big thanks to the whole team. I highly recommend bizorganization services without any second thought.

- Ravi Shankar (2018), Senior Software Architect

"It is hard to summarize and put into words our “moving to Germany” experience. We can safely say you made it a lot easier. Starting from our very first phone call you gave us the feeling that we are in trusted and capable hands. You were direct but supportive and always asking the right questions – even those we did not know we were supposed to ask. You led us through the maze of German bureaucracy with confidence and a smile; never hesitating to offer your help in writing another letter or making numerous phone calls on our behalf. We were always pleasantly surprised by your professionalism that won you not only our praise, but also from German service providers who met you. Huge thanks - You are always in our heart!"

- Saul (2018), Director Global Innovation & Corporate Venturing

"Right from the day I was introduced to Judith, her service has been at the highest quality. She and her team have been very professional in dealing with all the processes related to my relocation. She has been very responsive at every instance, reachable for every query and very informative about all the steps I needed to follow for the various activities. As a result, my relocation has been very smooth and trouble free. It’s been the best relocation service I have been provided so far considering my previous stays in Germany"

- Arun Kumar (2018) Software Architect

"Thank you so much for your assistance, you have really helped to make things run smoothly!"

- Saravanan (2017), Software Engineer

"Judith has made the huge task of moving overseas to Germany feel as easy as a local move. She is knowledgeable in all areas of settling in Germany and actively participates in all aspects of your transition, putting you and your family at ease. We are so grateful to partner with Judith for this adventure!”

- Brandon (2017), Senior Manager

"Judith hat uns immer mit Rat und Tat zur Seite gestanden und dank ihr haben meine Frau und ich eine Wohnung nach unseren Vorstellungen in Mitten der Stadt gefunden. Den Service empfehlen wir gern weiter!"

- Hans (2017), Teamleiter Entwicklung

Judith is an excellent coordinator, she is very thorough in every detail, quick and efficient, with excellent communication skills.In only one week she was able to find a house for my family, open our bank account in Germany and sort out all the formalities required for our new life in Germany including the kindergarten for my daughter. Her contribution was invaluable to us. With her help we had a stress free move to Germany. I highly recommend bizorganization services' and will use it again.

- Michele (2017), Technical specialist, Radar systems

I was lucky enough to work with bizorganization during my relocation to Germany. They took care of all the aspects, from the obvious ones (registering, opening a bank account) to more added value issues (visiting potential flats, writing cancellation letters, etc). Every time I needed to contact them, they answered really fast and with good advice. This was great, not only to allow me to focus in my new work, but also to improve the perception of Germany.

- Gonzalo (2016), Project Manager

…We were lucky! We got in contact with Judith Wambach! Judith, cool and full of confidence took care of our challenges and us. Believe it or not, after 3 weekends we had resolved all of our biggest challenges as finding a place to live, buying a kitchen and furniture and later on when it was time to start in Koblenz we were assisted with all the necessary formalities and authorities…..

- Peter (2015), General Manager

I first met Judith in August 2014 when I and my family (small child and my husband) decided to move in Germany for a new job. I had no idea how to handle different situations but Judith was my greatest helper. She was very open and her assertiveness made me to hope that I can succeed to start a new live in a new country with new challenges. I was surprised to see how easily she can solve everything and her involvement and devotement makes her to do a great job.  

- Anca (2014), Quality Engineer

…..Vor unserer Ankunft in Deutschland setzte sich Judith mit uns in Verbindung. Von da an ging auf deutscher Seite alles reibungslos. Im Zusammenhang mit einem solchen Umzug gibt es natürlich verschiedene Institutionen die einzubeziehen sind, z.B. auf amerikanischer Seite eine Immobiliengesellschaft, Umzugsfirma, Steuer- und andere Behörden sowie deren deutsche Gegenseiten…..

- Alex (2014), President

Judith's help was invaluable during my family's 2013 move to Germany. Her kindness and helpfulness started before we even landed in Europe, and continues until today. She knows exactly the right people to get things done, and often went well out of her way for our convenience. Whether helping us find a rental home, obtain permits, read insurance contracts, register a car, or even take us shopping for our first groceries, no task was out of bounds. I highly recommend her service to anyone looking to take the guesswork, and much of the legwork, out of a German relocation. We are lucky to have met her.

- Jim (2013), Quality Engineer

Simply brilliant. I cannot recommend Judith highly enough for her essential help in integrating our family back into Germany. All of the complexities surrounding work and residential permits, plus support with the necessary health and car insurances were personally taken care of both swiftly and completely hassle-free. For us as non-native German speakers, her clarity in explaining everything in perfect English was hugely beneficial. Both her experience and broad range of contacts within the local authorities were instantly obvious. Even four years later we can still happily call Judith for advice.

- Darren (2012), Senior Engineer

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