“So that everything runs smoothly”


“So that everything runs smoothly”
That is the motto of my Business -Etiquette seminars.
I firmly believe that understanding the rules of etiquette will foster respectful and polite behavior in a business environment. This is indispensable for a good working relationship, for enjoying your work and for raising the profile of your company.

In my live or online training and coaching, I cover the following topics:
“How to introduce yourself”
“ Who greets whom?”
“How to act within the company hierarchy”
“Dress codes and business communication”

Via a business dinner or lunch, I will teach you all the dining etiquette you need to successfully attain your goals.
I recommend the business etiquette training for all colleagues., especially for Sales, and all those who have contact with customers. We offer also special support for a speedy integration for all company trainees.

I look forward to meeting you. Judith Wambach

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Business etiquetteseminars

In my Etiquette seminars I will teach you the modern and professional way to behave in the business environment, whilst always maintaining your own authenticity. You will learn to understand the importance of dress codes, how to introduce yourself, and the appropriate and perfect way of dressing. You will learn many tips in business communication and small talk.

Seminars with lunch or dinner

Here we will take lunch or dinner together and you will learn all the rules pertaining to good dining etiquette.” From door to table” will be explained to you, as well as the choice of foods, and lots of information which will make the business dinner more relaxed and therefore more successful.

Lunch and Etiquette plus!

Here you will learn how to behave with style and confidence, to concentrate on your business partner. In Etiquette plus you will refresh all the rules of etiquette around table manners and small talk and learn to avoid dining faux pas!

Business etiquette in virtual rooms

Video conferencing is an important component of the modern working life. I will teach you the six most important rules for a professional online meeting. From a successful start, introduction, and pitch to a consolidating and professional conclusion. You will increase in presence and confidence as an ambassador for your company.

Trainee Etiquette

For trainees, the step from student to work colleague is a big one, and one which brings with it lots of uncertainties and challenges. In my trainee seminars I will prepare your trainees for their new situation and the demands placed on them. I will teach good deportment, respect, politeness, and discipline, as well as how to behave professionally in the company. I will pay attention to good table manners in the canteen, and during the in-house seminars I will deal with additional company specific issues.

Good communication at work.

In this workshop your colleagues and I will work through and study the importance of valued communication in the team, with your boss as well as with suppliers and customers. We work on for example rules for meetings, Email communication and other focuses, tailored to individual needs.


Judith Wambach

licensed etiquette coach

I like working, respectfully and with appreciation with people from all nations. That is why working in relocation and business etiquette lies so close to my heart.


I particularly liked the fact that Judith showed how sensitive good communication is.
Many thanks for the successful presentation.

Karl-Heinz (Management Consultant ), Participant Webinar (2020)

Many thanks for the handout and a big compliment to Judith for the creative and successful design of the presentation. Unfortunately I could only follow the session by phone and now I am even more impressed.

Volker (SAP Consultant), Participant Webinar (2020)

Thanks especially to Judith for the very good lecture with many important hints, which I will definitely implement. A "smiley" is already hanging on the laptop.

Thomas (Mediator), Participant Webinar(2020)

Judith Wambach has brought the topic of business etiquette across in an understandable and relaxed way. By means of small examples she also made it clear to me that I do not always observe many small etiquette rules, even though I may know them.  I had never thought about other rules, such as her advice on the connection between good posture and shoes. I also found the technical advice on Business Knigge in virtual rooms on technology, lighting conditions, etc. particularly helpful. The fact that there is a direct connection between the rules of Business Etiquette and the sales prospects was also something I had never been aware of before.

Thank you very much for this, I will immediately apply what I have learned and now feel much safer with this knowledge!

Marion (Managing Director), Participants Webinar (2020)

Compact and practice-oriented presentation. Well designed charts. Thank you, Judith!

Gisela (Organization Developer), Participants Webinar (2020)

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