Judith Wambach

Managing Director


I like working with people and firmly believe that a mutually respectful working relationship is important both for the person themselves, as well as for the company and its goals. Good behavior and rules are important and oil the wheels of communication. Modern business etiquette gives one the guidelines to do this, and I am happy if I can enthuse the participants in my seminars and workshops in this.

The added value in this will enrich your private and working life. My services are directed towards both, managers, co-workers with or without responsibilities, Sales’ representatives, trainees and any other interested parties.

I am a businesswoman and have, throughout my career, continually developed and hone my skills in the field of logistics, accountancy, and languages. I have been a dispatcher, fleet manager, sales’ manager in the building materials’ trade, events’ manager for a local authority and business leader at a community college.

Since 2003 I have been a relocation manager and like to “ Get things moving”. I like supporting my clients and standing by them at an important step in their lives. I work with people at all levels and from different cultures and give them insight into German customs and culture.

From this developed my interest in different cultures and etiquette behaviors. Correct behavior. Currently I am working with customers in the automotive industry, the bike industry, corporations, hospitals, solar energy companies, the service and building industry.

I spend my free time with friends and family. I enjoy cooking- have been vegetarian for 30 years- doing jigsaws and gardening. I love Blues, country and Rock music and enjoy travelling.

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