Companies in the USA have been called upon to allow their employees to bring their cats to the workplace on the the third Monday in June every year since 2005 – this is “National Take your Cat to Work Day.” „National Whiners Day“ has been celebrated since 1986 on December 26 in the USA. “International Sweatpants Day” is an annual recurrence on January 21 and January 18 sees the worldwide holiday “Winnie the Pooh Day” in memorium of the author.

In Oaxaca, Mexico, the “Night of the Radish – Noche de Rábanos” is celebrated on December 23, and “World Pasta Day” was introduced in 2005 and is celebrated on October 25. „Cinnamon Bun Day“ falls on October 4 and is celebrated annually in Sweden since 1999. For music fans, „National Electric Guitar Day“ celebrates the birthday of the renowned guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Our cats are lucky, they don’t have to wait until June 19 to be taken to the office as our business premises are located in the house where we live.