A visit to Andernach am Rhein is always a pleasure

Andernach is a charming small town on the Rhine between Bonn and Koblenz and home to approximately 30,000 inhabitants. I’m especiall fond of the town as I grew up and went to school there, but regardless of that, there is plenty to see. A highlight is the tallest cold-water geyser reaching up to 60 metres. Known as the Andernach Geyser, a short boat trip will carry you to view the unique spectacle. The boats sail from Easter to October and together with a visit to the dedicated museum is a day well spent.

Andernach also made news in the USA and Sweden as an „Edible Town“. Several years ago the flower beds in public parks were gradually replaced by vegetable plots. Everyone is permitted to pluck seasonsal salads and fruits or to harvest the potatoes and root vegetables later. Flower pots in the town are full of aromatic herbs which are also available to all.

There are many historical attractions; the bulwark memorial on the Rhine promenade, the Koblenz tower in the picturesque castle gardens, the old stone crane which is also located on the riverbank. Andernach, along with Trier, is one of the oldest towns in Germany and the remains of a water pipe which supplied water to the soldiers of the ancient Roman Empire, is testament to this.

Restaurants and cafes line the streets and Anna & Eva is a delightful coffee shop with delicious pastries and cakes. The Italian restaurant Ai Pero is a firm favourites of mine and dining at the wine house Merowinger Hof in the courtyard during the summer or by the fireside in winter is always a pleasure. Fine dining at the restaurant Purs which has been awarded 2 Michelin stars rounds of the culinary experience.

Another place of interest is the suburb Eich where permaculture methods have been applied for growing crops, fruits and more over 14 hectares to develop long-term productive landscapes.

A trip to Andernach should include the Vulcan Park where you are constantly reminded of the town’s volcanic origins. The ruins of a Roman mine, Maria Laach – a lake in the crater of the now dormant Laacher Volcano, a monastic abbey is situated there and which is surrounded by lush gardens and hosts an excellent restaurant.

Andernach is quiet and peaceful, I am sure you will be captivated by its charm and like most visitors, will return again and again.