Bjorn and his family moved to Germany two weeks ago. We quickly found the perfect apartment and registered his new address at the Bürgeramt.

Bjorn and I met up after work to review his incoming mail and undertake the necessary arrangements. We registered at the utility company for electricity and gas, discussed the amount of the payments to be made in advance. I advised him to check the consumption regularly, so that there are no nasty surprises in the annual statement.

Surprisingly enough, the obligatory letter for the broadcasting fees had not arrived, but undoubtedly they will not forget the family.

I feel it is essential to take time for our assignees and explain the procedures in Germany. The best time is always after work, when we are more relaxed and flexible in terms of time.

But there is still one major outstanding task to be completed; Bjorn has a 5 year old son and we hope to find a place for him in kindergarten soon.