A little-known destination is the Isle of Man, a small island between Ireland and Great Britain in the Irish Sea. The island is autonomous, it has the world’s oldest parliament and is a tax haven. It is also home to the Manx cat – a distinctive breed without a tail.

The island is internationally renowned for the annual event in motor-cycle racing, the TT – Tourist Trophy. Motor cyclists driving diverse categories participate in highly competitive races on the regular roads. Speed limits are lifted for the duration and many young islanders have also experienced the thrills of driving at 200 kmh.

The Isle of Man is a paradise those who like nature and outdoor activities, stunning beaches, panoramic mountain views, rugged coastlines and woodlands are the perfect backdrop for walking, cycling and exploring. There are trails and footpaths suited to every level of fitness.

A famous landmark is the Laxey Wheel which was originally a working water-wheel. It was used to pump the water from the lower levels of the mine and bring it to the surface where it would enter the river and eventually the sea.

You will cross the Fairy Bridge sometime during your stay; local superstition has it that if you don’t greet the fairies living there, they will play some naughty pranks on you. Just remember to say a friendly “Hello Fairies” when passing to keep them happy.

Although a small comparatively unknown island, it is wonderful for nature lovers and during the TT races, spectacular sport. Perhaps you will take a short break to visit there but take an umbrella too!