I started working at bizorganization at the beginning of 2018. During the first years, it was the classical commute to the office – working from home never crossed my mind. Then came the pandemic and everything changed.

It has been home office for over the past year now and I love it and can’t imagine travelling regularly to the office. I personally think I work more effectively – and hopefully my boss will confirm that. But seriously, to use a term that is often overused, it allows me the perfect work/life balance.

Luckily my job is not rigid with deadlines set at short notice, but when a task or paper is required immediately, I can react promptly outside of the “9 to 5” working day. When my roadmap is full, I can login at the weekend and ease the situation by just reading my emails and planning accordingly. My Koblenz colleagues and I meet in the office once a month, where of course we discuss our business activities but also exchange small talk and banter. It makes a welcome change and is most energizing.

I am aware that not every job is suitable for home office and also not everyone might actually like working from their home, but speaking for myself – it’s the perfect solution.