If I were a city, I would love to be like Hamburg!

According to surveys, Hamburg is one of the most appealing cities under the larger German cities. The residents are portrayed as being cosmopolitan and helpful, I too am also friendly and considerate towards others, regardless of their nationality or culture. My family and friends describe me as a reliable, personable and emphatic person, that I pursue my goals creatively, passionately and very focused. I am (almost) always cheerful, have a clear cut and genuine manner and would like to apply my long professional and life experience to contribute to the well-being of new Hamburgers.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio in the USA, I moved to Hamburg over thirty years ago, I love the city and know it and the surrounding area like the back of my hand. As a result of my own international migration experiences, I can empathise with the challenges when moving to a new foreign culture and environment.

I like to spend my free time with my family and our dog Lola at the nearby Baltic Sea and North Sea. I love browsing around flea markets, visiting the cinema with my three children to watch English-language films, travelling abroad or just relaxing at home and enjoying a good meal.

My heartfelt wish is to simplify your relocation and integration to the wonderful city of Hamburg and to actively support you in “arriving” in your new home.
Let’s relocate with heart and understanding to Hamburg!