We pledged to plant a tree for every Getting Started Comfort Package.

We went to the woods during our bizdays annual get-together this year to plant once again beech trees. We had so much fun, it’s a great feeling to plant a tree, even though it is very strenuous as the forest floor is solid and ridden with roots. We were still pretty skilled from last year and knew what to expect, but it was unfamiliar ground for the new colleagues. Thanks to the expert guidance we received, everything went successfully. Our Berlin team, Juliane and Viola, weakened beforehand and skipped the excursion into the rough terrain. Contrary to the forecast, the weather remained stable, but we were prepared for anything with our pink rain capes.

Our Getting Started Comfort Packages provide an all-round relocation service for the assignees, eases things for HR, payroll and the relevant department where the assignee is engaged. Both our clients and assignees value this service, as we really take care of everything.