Skilled workers are needed in Germany and the recently passed Immigration Act for Skilled Workers (Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz – FEG) simplifies it for those wishing to relocate to Germany. This doesn’t apply to only singles, but also to young families who are leaving their comfort zone to start a new life in Germany. On behalf of our clients, we support the assignees in all administrative steps and their search for accommodation, but we are increasingly reaching our limits when it comes to finding a place at a kindergarten. The problem is a familiar one and also not unknown to families who already live in Germany. There are no kindergarten places, just endless waiting lists without information about a vacancy or a starting date. There is practically no suppoprt from the autborities which is extremely unsatisfactory and frustrating. The potential assigness cannot register with a kindergarten years in advance, as the decision to relocate to Germany obviously goes hand in hand with a good job offer. Accomidation has be found and only then can a request for a nursery place be made, as it must be in the same neighbourhood. It is essential for the children to mix with other children and to learn the new language through play and to be well prepared for school. There are also private childminders , but their capacity is exhausted, and also have longer waiting lists.