Today we wish to share a special story about a homefinding. The service is not exclusive to humans but also to their four-legged companions.

Finding a suitable home is often a challenge for pet owners, but with our support as a relocation company, the process becomes smooth and successful.

An example of this is our valued client Carlos, who relocated to Bonn with his loyal dog Léna. We know it is important to consider the needs not only of people but also those of their pets.
The search was not always easy, as many landlords have reservations about house pets. Nevertheless, with dedication and commitment, we viewed just four apartments in Bonn before we found the perfect place for Carlos and Léna. The joy on Carlos’ face when he found the right house was a delight to witness.
The tension that often comes with house hunting was minimised by our support and showed how our professional networking enables us to succeed easily in challenging situations. Carlos was quickly able to focus on his onboarding in Bonn without a worry about his housing situation.
Our mission is to ensure the move is as smooth as possible for our human clients and their pets, both species deserve the opportunity to find a home that is comfortable and meets their needs. If you and your furry or feathered friend are in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team promise you a positive and stress-free experience.

Trust us – you are in good hands!

Blog by Karina Bierkoven, Relocation Consultant