Last year we supported a large group of assigness with their relocation from India to Koblenz, their assignment was for one year as it was project-specific. Now the time had come to say their goodbyes and to depart. There was much for us to do at bizorganization.

We basically had to reverse the settling in procedure for them to settle out. This involved closing their bank accounts but with sufficient notice, deregistration at their residences, deregistration of the radio tax and informing the healthcare insurance provider.

The biggest tax was organizing handover of the apartments before leaving. We coordinated inspection of the properties and eventually commissioning the necessary resources for repairs and cleaning when required and arranging for deposits to be returned.

It is not often we are called to support the departure procedure, usually just in individual cases as most of the assignees stay permanently. What was so different about this one was the large group. For logistic purposes appointments were made in batches in consideration of both the assignees and employer – and it all went so smoothly.

We wish our group every success back in their home country and hope to see you again.