It is a far bigger step for families with children to relocate than it is for single persons or couples without children. Parents are anxious about their child’s or childrens’ welfare and the fact that there won’t be any backup from grandparents and close family in the new home. The children will be cared for exclusively by the parents, or in a best-case scenario, there may be friends or a relative in the vicinity who can step in if necessary. There is a great shortage of nursery facilities, with waiting periods of up to 10 months, sometimes even longer and child minders are not always immediately available. The waiting lists for kindergartens are dynamic which is a difficult criterion to understand. The childcare concept and methods in the kindergartens in Germany is often in stark contrast to those in the home country. The health care and welfare system in Germany is excellent. From birth up to 18 years,there are regular age-related check-ups with compulsory vaccinations which are all free of charge. The state also offers financial support for families in the form of lower taxes and the payment of a monthly child benefit, this amounts to € 250 each month for each child.. We at bizorganization take care of the application process for our assignees and ensure the necessary certificates and documents are provided and monitor the entire process. Although Germany is not considered a child-friendly country and the birth rate is low, the conditions for raising a family here are ideal.