our team

Judith Wambach
General Manager

You can trust my experience!

I like working with people of all nationalities. Therefore, the relocation business is a matter of the heart for me. For 20 years I have been working in the industry, I am excellently networked and work customer oriented.

I always find the best possible solution for your new employees. My clients appreciate my pragmatic, uncomplicated and solution-oriented work. My clients come from the automotive, health care, aviation, software, petrochemical, energy, logistics, two-wheeler industry, solar companies, hospitals, construction, and public administration sectors.

I am a positive person, a Rhenish cheerful nature, friendly and humorous. I like to “make things happen” and love to spend my free time with my family and friends. I like to cook well – vegetarian for over 30 years and I like to listen to music (blues, country, rock). I garden passionately in spring, summer and autumn, and puzzle in winter. Interior and garden design are my hobbies, as well as eating out in good restaurants. At home I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two cats.

Kathryn Boccuti
Relocation Consultant / Back Office

My duties in the back office ensure that the paperwork for the relocation process is complete and conform with the respective requirements of the immigration authorities in diverse federal states.

I was born and grew up in Dublin, Ireland and have also lived in Great Britain and The Netherlands. I have been living in Germany for many years now and am completely at home here. Consequently I am familiar with our clients‘ situation as I was also a newcomer in a strange country and know how overwhelming that can be.

As part of our committed bizorganization team, my aim is to provide a seamless relocation for your staff members from abroad.

Susanne Jung
Relocation Consultant Rhineland-Palatinate

Together we will find your new home!

I am pleased to be able to actively support you in this exciting project.

Working with people from different cultures is a matter close to my heart. As a secondary school teacher, I work every day with children and young people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Intercultural encounters are an enrichment for me! My one-year stay in Australia showed me how valuable it is to get to know different people. I like to show you my homeland and want you to feel comfortable here.

I am a cheerful and always in a good mood person. In my free time I like to go running, hiking and enjoy time in nature. I like to be with people, meet my friends, love to cook, travel to faraway countries with my boyfriend and discover the world.

Karina Bierekoven
Relocation Consultant Rhineland-Palatinate/North Rhine-Westphalia

For 11 years I lived and worked abroad. After this time in Greece, I also had to find my feet in Germany again. I can empathize very well with the situations and tasks that come up for people who simply want to arrive in a new environment. I am very happy to help with that.

I love the Lower Middle Rhine Valley and enjoy being out and about at the numerous events, but I also enjoy hiking in the beautiful nature here. Whether passing castles and palaces or the numerous vines that produce the good Ahr, Mosel or Middle Rhine wine, this is a wonderful place to spend your time.

I look forward to seeing you soon feel as comfortable here as I do myself!

Peter Grosch
Relocation Consultant Rhineland-Palatinate

I was employed in the financial sector in Frankfurt am Main for more than 35 years, during which time I advised competently my clients in financial matters.

Organization, commitment, experience as well as pleasure in meeting and communicating with people distinguish me.

I am now living near Koblenz and would like to face the challenges and activities at bizorganization GmbH. It will give me great satisfaction to make your start in Koblenz as pleasant as possible.

Nicole Broecher
Relocation Consultant Koblenz

I would like to introduce myself as the new member of the dedicated relocation team.

I have been working for many years now in a multinational environment in the administrative and organisational fields of HR management.

Relocation is not only about physically moving from one place to another, but also settling in, emotionally adjusting and feeling comfortable in the new environment. It is an exciting time, but can be sometimes very challenging, I look forward to getting to know you and accompanying you for a while as you step into a new and exciting chapter in your life.

I am an open and communicative person with a positive attitude and sense of humour. Travelling is my greatest passion and when I can’t be “on the road”, I like to cook for friends and family or spend my time in the great outdoors or doing sports. I have just recently discovered yoga and love it.

Leah Malek
Content Management/Social Media

As the Content Manager of bizorganization I am making sure you have all the information you need to find your new home. To me it is very important that you get an authentic idea of the city before you move into a new home. This is how you can decide which place works the best for you. I am very creative and do my best to give you a pleasant and informative online experience. Besides, I am responsible for social media.

In private, I am a very creative person also. I love to cook and do sports in my free time. Human behavior is one of my interests, that’s why I study psychology at the Ruhr University in Bochum.

Juliane Krüger-Oechsle
Relocation Consultant Berlin/Brandenburg & Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

I am a real Berliner! Born in Berlin-Pankow (City East), I was able to experience the colorful, creative and often chaotic merging of this exciting city with the surrounding area of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Always in the middle of Greater Berlin – professionally as well as privately – with many years of intercultural business experience, I am pleased to be able to work for you in Berlin and the surrounding area.

I like to be on the road, especially by car. For more than 25 years I have been living in the beautiful Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania and enjoy offering my guests a nice vacation or seminar stay on our romantic Mecklenburg estate. This includes our garden, our Eurasier – dog Hamika and my commitment to young people in the field of international cultural exchange.

It is a matter of the heart for me to arrange international cultural experiences and thus to learn from each other. “Berlin is more a part of the world than a city” (Jean Paul)

A warm welcome!

Viola Tasch M. A.
Relocation Consultant Berlin

Through my own longer experiences abroad in North America, Eastern Europe and assignments, I know the problems and challenges that newcomers face in the host country: from administrative tasks to buying tickets for public transportation, there are many new things to discover – and I’m happy to help. I moved to Berlin myself 20 years ago and still enjoy the diversity and the mixture of the pulsating big city and the balancing neighboring state of Brandenburg, where I also studied.

Also for 20 years I have been involved in the field of Intercultural Exchange, now in the area of International Higher Education / Student Mobility at universities. Through stable relationships with worldwide partners and understanding the needs of our participants, I ensure a smooth stay of our guests at home and abroad.

I look forward to helping you make the adventure of Berlin your home!

Kerstin Siebert
Relocation Consultant Braunschweig/Hannover

After several relocations necessitated by my job, I returned to my hometown 4 years ago. Changing cities in Germany with my husband and 2 meanwhile grown-up children enables me to understand your wishes immediately.

I look forward to welcoming you the Braunschweig/Hanover region, there is so much to see.

The historic city center of Braunschweig; the gardens of the stately homes; the lake in Hannover – the Maschsee; as well as the numerous parks and open spaces in both cities. There are so many charming corners in which to linger and delightful places where you stroll through or go for long bike rides.

There are numerous beautiful places up here in the north that are worth exploring. I am sure we will find the right accomodation for you where you will soon feel at home. On the way I will accompany you with professionalism, excellent organization and experience. I am looking forward to it!

Nanci Mary Schmidt
Relocation Consultant Hamburg

If I were a city, I would love to be like Hamburg! According to surveys, Hamburg is one of the most appealing cities under the larger German cities. The residents are portrayed as being cosmopolitan and helpful, I too am also friendly and considerate towards others, regardless of their nationality or culture. My family and friends describe me as a reliable, personable and emphatic person, that I pursue my goals creatively, passionately and very focused. I am (almost) always cheerful, have a clear cut and genuine manner and would like to apply my long professional and life experience to contribute to the well-being of new Hamburgers.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio in the USA, I moved to Hamburg over thirty years ago, I love the city and know it and the surrounding area like the back of my hand. As a result of my own international migration experiences, I can empathise with the challenges when moving to a new foreign culture and environment.

I like to spend my free time with my family and our dog Lola at the nearby Baltic Sea and North Sea. I love browsing around flea markets, visiting the cinema with my three children to watch English-language films, travelling abroad or just relaxing at home and enjoying a good meal.

My heartfelt wish is to simplify your relocation and integration to the wonderful city of Hamburg and to actively support you in “arriving” in your new home. Let’s relocate with heart and understanding to Hamburg!

Simone Wagner
Relocation Consultant Rhine-Main area

Satisfied customers are my priority! My area of responsibility is relocation in the Rhine-Main area, the economic center of Germany. Through my many years of professional experience in the intercultural field, I am aware of the challenges faced by expatriates and local employees in their new environment. I support them with professionalism, energy and enthusiasm.

I love to travel and do sports. I am a family person and really like to spoil my loved ones. Interacting with people enriches my day and makes life worth living. My positive attitude towards life distinguishes me and I always live by the motto: “There is a solution for everything!”

Friederike Schoeneck-Böttger
Relocation Consultant Saarland/Rhineland-Palatinate

As a conference interpreter and translator, I have had the opportunity to get to know many countries and people from different cultural backgrounds, to support them as a language mediator and to respond to individual needs. I adapt to the most diverse contexts and situations and perspectives.

I grew up in Rhine Hesse, but have now been living in Saarland for many years. It will be a great pleasure for me to assist you in your professional move to the beautiful south-west of our country, so that you feel comfortable in your new surroundings and hopefully soon “arrived” and “at home”.