April 1st is a special date for me – it is my 5-year jubilee at bizorganization.

The back office is my domain and I enjoy my work today as much as ever. I take care of the paperwork for our assignees. A relocation generates a tall stack and consists of copies of your visa, university diploma, passport, employment contract, id numbers, etc. etc.

All are required for the numerous applications forms, whether it is health care insurance, residence permit, child benefits – I take care of them. Enrolling your child or children in school or kindergarten is also part of my job. It is extremely difficult to find kindergarten places, owing to the extreme shortage in Koblenz and surroundings, this is frustrating for both the assignees and me.

It is always a pleasure when an assignee is through with Home Finding, the relocation process is ending and settling into the new life is beginning. I have very little personal contact with our assignees, it is mainly through email or telephone, and I have enjoyed it whenever I have accompanied one to an appointment. My personal highlight was when a wonderful family baked a cake for me as the first German guest in their home – it was even more enjoyable when I told them I’m Irish.

My job is versatile and very interesting, it is never boring. The government agencies and authorities in different municipalities have different practices and it is essential that we keep informed. We implemented a customized relocation software at the end of 2022, and it optimizes the process and communication with our clients and assignees. This provides me with even greater job satisfaction, and I look forward to many more years at bizorganization.