I, as the Content Manager at bizorganization, am rarely at the biz headquarters in Koblenz. I work most of the time from my home which lies in the heart of the River Ruhr valley in the city of Essen, my birthplace. A city that seems unassuming at first sight, but on second sight you will realise has a lot of potential for a great trip.

Probably the most famous sight in Essen is the Zeche Zollverein. This is a former coal mine and an impressive example of industrial architecture, it has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Art lovers are also well catered to in Essen. The Folkwang Museum was founded over 100 years ago and is extremely renowned. In addition to the permanent exhibition, it also regularly hosts exhibitions of works by such diverse artists as Monet or Keith Haring, to name but a few. Not only for me personally, but also for those who travel from afar a visit to the Folkwang Museum is almost obligatory. My second personal highlight is the Gruga Park – a large park with a vast array of plants, flower beds and a botanical garden. It is also home to various animals and with playgrounds and restaurants you can spend an entire day there. It is also the venue for various events in the summer months. For a perfect end to a day in Gruga Park, go to Rüttenscheid which is not too far away. This is a popular lively district, full of restaurants, cafes, bars and bistros. My absolute favourite is Café Zucca. After dinner, you can attend an event at one of the many cultural venues such as the Grillotheater, the Philharmonie Essen or the Colloseumtheater.

Visit the Ruhr area and if you want to experience culture, art and nature all at once, go to Essen. You will be in good hands there and I promise you will have a great time.