The biz Office Team Koblenz were complete at yesterday’s meeting and we had a lot to discuss.

An important topic was applying for child benefits for our assignees. It is not possible for families that do not have German citizenship to apply online, everything must be in hardback form. The waiting times for processing are getting longer and longer, we have assignees who have been waiting over 6 months for payment, even though we send enquiries and reminders at regular intervals. There are often unnecessary queries, despite sending all the necessary documents with the application. The date of entry is stated in the household certificate and stamped by the authorities but this is often not accepted as the starting date for the child benefit. From now on we will also send copies of the entry visas and hopefully preempt any further queries about this.

Another topic on the agenda was the launch of our new blog “Fun Facts about Germany”, you can follow it on Instagram .

Once again there was delicious ice cream from eGeLoSIa and fresh juicy cherries from Dieblich.