Our monthly team meeting was packed as always with topics regarding our assignees.

As we all work remotely, we coordinate weekly in a team call and once a month we travel to a meeting in the office. It is where we can discuss in greater detail forthcoming appointments with the accompanying documents, the to-dos after the move to the permanent residence and the transfer of the driver’s licence. Forthcoming assignments are talked through and the completed assignments are reviewed. Another important issue is always the constant improvement of our relocation portal, a software update has enhanced our management of photos and documentation when taking over a flat or house. This simplifes the takeover for the assignee, paperwork and emails are eliminated and it is always possible to access the data and photos of the handover records. After our conference we had a well-earned break with coffee and delicious plum cake again. As we see each other so little, of course we sat together for a long time afterwards and chatted about our doings. We always have a lot to talk about and it is never boring!