They were wonderful bizdays!

Three days of laughter, fun and stimulating conversations among the team. We discussed the latest processes relevant to the relocation of our clients, the added value of our relocation software and updates in the daily workflow. We started at noon on Friday in the office with a photo shoot. The photographer Michael is a real professional and got the best out of all of us, there were photos for the homepage, the team and photos for this year’s Christmas. Then it was off to plant trees in the woods, but more about that later. The day was concluded with an excellent dinner that evening The conference room was the venue on Saturday, we went through visa training, software training, updates in our SOP list and dedicated a considerable part to “Learn from your colleagues”. We deal daily with all kinds of people and each assignee is individual, consequently the needs and procedures differ for each assignment. It is essential that we realise this and act accordingly. We also defined our goals for 2024.
Sunday was bizFun day and we took the suspended cable car to the fortress at Ehrenbreitstein. We had a guided tour of the fortress, which was especially interesting for our non-Koblenz team members. A brief pause for a delicious lunch was followed by a boat trip along the Rhine where we could view the imposing castles that overlook the river. We parted ways on Sunday afternoon fully energised for any new task. All good things must come to an end, but the bizdays 2023 reinforced our team spirit and its legacy will remain with us a long time.