We had our annual bizdays weekend at the end of October and it was wonderful.

My workplace is the back office where I have no face-to-face contact with my colleagues. Please don’t misunderstand, I love my work, but it’s so much more fulfilling actually meeting my workmates, with whom I communicate regularly only by email or our Relocation platform. So I was looking forward once again to our third bizdays weekend.
I heard about traffic problems, train delays, flight delays, how the procedures vary with the immigration authorities from one city to another, the challenges posed by a tight housing market, getting an appointment at the doctors…etc. etc. It was such an eye-opener, but my teammates have all one thing in common, they are so good natured and take the hiccups and minor upsets in their stride. Our motto is you are in good hands, and my colleagues personify this.
Not only are they dedicated, but also great company and fun to be with, and I know that the motivational effects of our bizdays will stay with me a long time.