It is now over 20 years since I met my first assignees, it was Easter 2003. They were a charming couple from Scotland who had lived in the USA for a few years. It was all so different back then; communication was exclusively by email, information on social media was sparse or non-existent. We had been in contact by email before before they travelled to Germany, so meeting Ian and Hilary in person was great. I was full of apprehension before our first meeting in their hotel.I had very little experience with relocation and had not defined any workflow and and my English skills needed polishing. There was no need for me to worry, they were so friendly and put me at my ease immediately. They even helped when I had language problems and waited patiently while while I checked my dictionary as online translation was unheard of at the time. We maintained regular contact during their time here and I had the pleasure of meeting their children and their families. After several years they do enjoy their well-earned retirement in Scotland. Nowadays we work differently at bizorganization, but no less wholeheartedly. From the beginning to the end of the assignment, the assigneesare informed over every step of their relocation. The years have brought lots of changes with increased bureaucracy and criteria, but we are always knowledgeable and guide the assignees and their employers competently through the entire relocation process.