The word relocation is from the English language and synonyms for it are migrate, resettle or move. The classic relocation service supports (new) personnel of a company in settling in another location. The advantages for the newcomer are obvious; bureaucratic steps are clarified, and appointments are scheduled well in advance. Finding a new home is easier due to our network of real estate agents and awareness of the requirements. We also provide information about tip and trends for life in Germany. At bizorganization with our Getting Started Package, we take care of every aspect of the relocation, regardless of whether it is moving from one city to another in Germany, arriving from EU member countries or from other continents. In the latter case, we also attend to the visas and immigration papers. The advantages when recruiting from abroad are immediately clear to HR; our knowledge in the fields of immigration law, tax and social security law has been honed by years of experience and grants a sense of security. The HR and specialist departments are significantly unburdened and can focus on their core activities. Payroll also welcome relocation services, relevant data such as the tax ID, expected tax class, healthcare insurance certificate, social insurance number and IBAN are speedily communicated to them, helping them in their daily workflow.